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World of possibilities mountain

Are you ready to discover
a new world of possibilities?

The Awakening

When your ego recedes, and your soul light breaks through the barriers of life's illusions, just as clouds lift from a mountain's peak, you suddenly see the tip of your true potential.
Soul Light Coach

Soul Light Coaching


Soul Light Coaching is a unique approach to fostering the integration of the Divine mind, body, and soul connection essential in a spiritual awakening.


When your consciousness expands, your perception shifts, revealing a whole new territory in experiencing life. Like ascending a mountain, it can be exhilarating but also seem overwhelming as you face new challenges in your now heightened awareness.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a personal guide to help you navigate the way? One who's familiar with the elevation change, has crossed unknown rivers, traveled beyond false peaks, seen expansive horizons, and continues to follow the summit's call to live in truth.

As your Soul Light Coach, I will be a guide for you—a shining light and soul support as you journey up your spiritual mountain of realization through the shadows of self-doubt, to the joy of self-discovery to the freedom of authentic Being.

Soul-to-Soul Bird
Soul-to-Soul Bird

Soul-to-Soul Sessions

  • Releasing old thoughts and fear-based belief systems

  • Revealing and healing hidden wounds

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Remembering your inner beauty

  • Awakening your creative genius

  • Shifting your perspective

  • Realizing your true self

  • Expanding your awareness

  • Tuning into your intuition

  • Discovering innate talents and abilities

  • Integrating the mind, body, and soul connection

  • Lifting your state of being

  • Experiencing your fullest potential in all areas of your life

Soul Light Coaching
60 Minute Session - $100

Add-on Time - $20 per 15 Minutes

Scheduled Remote Appointments
Phone, Facetim
e or Zoom
Snowy Mountain Sunset
"I have been working with Maggie for over a year. Her spiritual mentoring has been so insightful and healing. I have worked with other spiritual mentors and traditional therapists for many years. Maggie is the first person to help me get to the root of my trauma. She is helping me create tools and find ways to love myself. I have let go of the pain I wore as a badge. My identity is becoming not from the past but from the present. If you're looking for someone you can connect with weekly and help you on a healthy spiritual path, please reach out to Maggie. She is a gift."

~ D. Bruno, NY

Soul Light Coaching Packages

Ongoing Guidance, Inspirations, Affirmations and Energy Balancing

Soul Light Coaching Packages offer discounted options for your unique spiritual awakening and budget. While periodic individual sessions are beneficial, ongoing guidance supports lasting positive change. Monthly sessions give you time in between to do soul work, integrate frequency shifts, and digest new perspectives.

Discounted packages have a 2-month minimum initial payment with subsequent automatic monthly billing.

Angel Card Readings

Heed Your Angels, Heal Your Heart

We are all graced with the gift of intuition. Still, stress and worldly demands often defuse our innate Knowing and block our Soul's intention for living, learning, and growing through a path of joy and love.

With the aid of beautifully inspired oracle cards, angel card readings reveal profound Divine messages in a gentle, loving, and non-judgmental way. Angel card readings offer an opportunity to lift beyond life's doubts and fears to illuminate your true purpose.
Angel card readings also help you tune into your higher self and learn to heed your inner guidance through visions, ideas, internal cues, external sounds, distinct feelings, physical signs, and coincidences.

Angel Card Readings - $60+
Angel card readings flower
Angel Readngs
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