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Image by Chris Nguyen
Natural Waterfall

Soul Soothers

Stone Balancing

20 Breaths Centering Meditation 

Your calm, peaceful, natural state of being is just a breath away. Try this easy meditation at any given time throughout your day to center yourself and return to your true, loving self.

  • Begin where you are

  • Sit, stand, or lie comfortably

  • Close your eyes

  • Focus on breathing from your belly

  • Breathe in (count 1)

  • Breathe out (count 2)

  • Breathe in and out for 20 breaths

  • Open your eyes

  • Begin where you are

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Soul Requests

Your soul is your best friend, your loving guide, your advocate, your mentor and your biggest fan.

Are you listening to your soul's loving messages, guidance and inspirations?


Soul Requests are divine nudges that are offered to gently move you towards living your intended joyful life.


There is only LOVE here for you.

Image by Chris Nguyen

Are you listening?


Miriam's Meditations

Miriam Trahan
Are you ready to awaken to your inner light and radiate your true beauty?
 Take a consciousness lifting journey with my dear friend, Miriam, as she guides you–-breath by breath–-to a state of pure being.
Miriam's Meditations Podcasts
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