Soul Light Coaching

Maggie Kalas, Soul Light Coach

Your soul is the core of who you truly are. It is your infinite self. Often masked behind the layers of life's challenges, the soul's loving guidance goes unheard and unfollowed. Are you seeking a positive change? Are you ready for your soul light journey? Let's explore it together. ~Maggie

Soul Light Sessions - $125 (1-Hour in person, by phone or video)

Soul Light Coaching is different from traditional therapy that primarily works with healing emotions or life coaching that focuses on attaining specific goal achievement. Soul Light sessions go straight to the heart of your being. Using a spiritual platform, it offers a sacred space for you to freely explore your inner thoughts, feelings and gentle nudges from your soul and spirit guides. Using intuition, healing energy and soul support, together we will explore your inner calling. Each Soul Light session is a step toward:


  • Awakening your creative genius

  • Remembering your inner beauty

  • Releasing old thoughts, belief systems and habits

  • Revealing and healing hidden wounds

  • Expanding your awareness

  • Shifting your perspective

  • Overcoming challenges    

  • Tuning into your intuition

  • Discovering innate talents and abilities

  • Integrating the mind, body and soul connection

  • Transforming your state of being

  • Living your intended life of joy


"I came to Maggie to learn Reiki, at least that's how it started out, but I got that and so much more. In fact, Soul Light Coach is a much better description for what Maggie has been to me. She was more than a teacher and even more than a friend. I could not have made it through all my challenges during that time without her Love and Light. I really love the Soul Light part because that's what it was--all Heart and Soul." 

Nancy Zurich
Reiki Master

Leonia, New Jersey

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

~ Robin S. Sharma

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"What is true is always true."

~ The Guides, Paul Selig

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