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My (soul light) Journey

I'm a Queen’s girl—not that that defines me. It just is. I was born in Manhattan in the 60s, raised in Flushing, and have lived most of my adult life on Long Island. One of six siblings, in a family of eight, I learned how to share well, use my imagination, and find my own space.


My teen years were a challenge, filled with unexpected turns within choices that were beyond my true understanding. When I was 14, my mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, which seemed to set the dismal tone for some years that followed. At 20, my older sister and I learned Transcendental Meditation. That choice was a turning point and just one of many significant connect-the-dots to the awakening of my true self.


That's the way of spiritual enlightenment. Lots of little bread crumbs tossed along your path to remind you of who you really are. Sometimes you pick one up and it leads you to another. Other times, you completely ignore the signs.


The passing of my mother a few years later was another pivotal point. It brought closeness and separation at the same time. Death is a funny thing. It either awakens you to a higher state of being or it sends you deeper into slumber. For me, I had a little of both. I knew my mother had never really left when she died because she came to me in dreams, and I could sense her presence when I had my first daughter. At that time, I was lost in many ways, but there was also a part of me that had awoken. In my heart, I knew I wasn't alone, and that gave me a much-needed strength and courage.


My life journey has paralleled my soul journey, each showing me something I needed to see, learn, and understand. Along the way, I began to notice many coincidences that brought an increased curiosity about the unknown. My older sister and I had shared in a mutual awakening to our mother's guiding light and distinct signs from the angelic realm. We would read Universal Angel cards together; their loving messages always brought us comfort and a sense of peace. It was the brain cancer of one of my triplet sisters that later triggered a bunch of divine signposts for me to follow. One was the healing art of Reiki. After receiving Reiki, it helped me release some residual emotional pain. Then, it was in learning and attuning to all levels of Reiki that had opened my channel for divine wisdom and deeper healing. Another was during my studies as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™, when I realized that I was intuitive. I had always been one. I just needed to understand my sensitivity and trust in what I knew in my heart. This leg of my soul journey awakened me to self-empowerment and my inner passion to help others help themselves.


Along the way, so many wonderful divine teachers and guides have come my way-- such as Melchizedek (The Guides), Kryon, Orin, Abraham, and Seth. For several years, I participated in an enlightenment group with intuitive, Karen Garvey. Then in the fall of 2018, I serendipitously came across the channeled teachings of Paul Selig and The Guides, of which continue to bring amazing insights that keep opening me up to higher levels of Being through attunements and the ensuing realization of the Divine in all things.

For me, life has been a classroom. Mostly, I've been an eager student, and sometimes I have the pleasure of being a wise teacher. Both bring learning and understanding, but only when approached with love, respect, and unwavering faith. I continue to be thankful for the guidance and love of so many dear souls, teachers, and angelic beings.


What I know now is that the soul journey is an ongoing expedition of awakening to the truth of our being. There is no end—only plateaus in which to rest. What is constant is the love of spirit, the magic in the adventure, and the beauty of the ever-expanding horizon. What I am learning most is to embrace my innocence, my true being, and to see the light in all things and to simply Be the love.


It is an honor to be on the path of enlightenment, with joy in my heart, and the ability to be a loving light for others on their soul journey.





Teachers.  Channels. Guides.


  • Paul Selig/The Guides

  • Karen Garvey/The Answers

  • Jack Armstrong/Source

  • Esther Hicks/Abraham

  • Doreen Virtue/Angels

  • Sanya Roman/Orin

  • Duane Packer/DaBen

  • Rona Herman/AA Michael

  • Jane Roberts/Seth

  • Darryl Anka/Bashar

  • Lee Carroll/Kryon

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2010 - present

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"What is true is always true."

~ The Guides, Paul Selig

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