Soul Ascension Series

The Sacred Mountain of Realization

Level 3 - Soul Living

Reaching for your highest peak takes awareness and willingness. Leading your life as it was intended to be lived takes courage and commitment. What seemed like a long journey toward change is now realized as your natural state of being. Dark shadows have been illuminated. And your path is wide-open and the ever-expanding horizon is clear.

Soul Living ... Be the authentic self you always intended to be.

"Those who know are wise. Those who know themselves are enlightened."

~ Laozi (Lao Tsu)

Soul Living Course

The Seer - Reaching for Your Intended Summit


The Soul Living Course is Level 3 of the Soul Ascension Series. It is comprised of four life-changing monthly segments. Each month has a specific focus, while each week has detailed topics. You will be given effective tools, simple techniques, and personalized coaching that is geared towards fully integrating your soul light into all areas of your life.


Included in the course:

  • One-on-One Soul Coaching session in-person, by phone or video

  • Soul Chats by phone or video

  • Focused assignments and self-work

  • Inspirations and affirmations


Month 1 – Leading From Awareness

Month 2 – Listening to the Whispers of Your Soul

Month 3 – Honoring Your Journey

Month 4 – Living From Your Highest Peak

Reach for your intended summit.

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"What is true is always true."

~ The Guides, Paul Selig

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