Soul Ascension Series

The Sacred Mountain of Realization

Level 2 - Soul Shifting

Step by step, you've done the work. You've overcome obstacles. You opened your heart, your mind, and your eyes to see a higher vision of yourself. You think, "I'm almost there!"  Yet, as you turn the next corner in your life, the reality of your mountain reveals there's still more to your journey. Soul Shifting ... Now's your chance to go beyond the false peak.

"You may have expected that enlightenment would come Zap!-- instantaneous and permanent. This is unlikely. After the first "ah-ha" experience, it can be thought of as the thinning of a layer of clouds."

~Ram Dass

Soul Shifting Course

The Adventurer - Seeing Beyond The False Peak


The Soul Shifting Course is Level 2 of the Soul Ascension Series. It is comprised of four life-changing monthly segments. Each month has a specific focus, while each week has detailed topics. You will be given effective tools, simple techniques, and personalized coaching designed to improve your intuitive abilities, introduce you to new pathways in perception and encourage you to shift to a more peaceful state of being.


Included in the course:

  • One-on-One Soul Coaching session in-person, by phone or video

  • Soul Chats by phone or video

  • Focused assignments and self-work

  • Inspirations and affirmations


Month 1 – Creating Timeless Moments

Month 2 – Embarking into the Unknown

Month 3 – Following Your Inner Compass

Month 4 – Making Peace With Where You Are

Go beyond your false peak.

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"What is true is always true."

~ The Guides, Paul Selig

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