Level 1 - Soul Awakening

Soul Ascension Series

The Sacred Mountain of Realization

A glimpse. A flash of insight. A sudden realization. When your soul light breaks through the barriers of life's demands, just as clouds lift from a mountain's peak, you suddenly see the tip of your dream. Soul Awakening ... It's time to explore your new found horizon.

"Every soul at the core of every human being is powerful, strong, vibrant, worthy, creative, victorious, confident, and potent."

~Karen Garvey, The Answers

Soul Awakening Course

The Explorer - Taking Steps Toward Your Joy


The Soul Awakening Course is Level I of the Soul Ascension Series. It is comprised of four life-changing monthly segments. Each month has a specific focus, while each week has detailed topics. You will be given effective tools, simple techniques, and personalized coaching that will enable you to explore within, reveal hidden shadows, and take steps toward the transformation you have been seeking.


Included in the course:

  • One-on-One Soul Coaching session in-person, by phone or video

  • Soul Chats by phone or video

  • Focused assignments and self-work

  • Inspirations and affirmations


Month 1 – Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Month 2 – Making a Higher Connection

Month 3 – Removing Past Blocks And Obstacles

Month 4 – Learning To Take A Different Route

Take the first step toward your joy.

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"What is true is always true."

~ The Guides, Paul Selig

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